In the present MF is working, as a transportation service  provider for many National and International private companies, government, NGOs in Kabul and Provinces, with its expert and qualified staff, MF is ready to do its best in order to gain your satisfaction.

Monthly Car Rent Services

Vehicle monthly rent including all expenses such as Fuel, Driver Salary and Maintenance etc.

Daily Car Rent

Vehicle daily rent including all expenses such as Fuel, Driver Salary and Maintenance etc.​

Taxi Online Rent Services

MF (Mubasher Fatih) team is ready 24/7 to deliver immediate online service.

We are unique


MF trucks are currently on the side picking and dropping the materials from center to provinces all over Afghanistan.


MF has developed a new Customer Relationship Management system to satisfy its customer and make life – long relationship with them.

Repair & Maintenance

Over 100 vehicles, a modern vehicle with repair and maintenance facility with highly trained mechanics, warehouses, stock for parking vehicles’ Maintenance workshops facility, fuel pump station and land–primarily in the Kabul region.


To date, MF has worked with several UN agencies, governments, National, internationally recognized companies and private sectors Obtaining Services, and vehicle sales/lease repair and maintenance. On a variety of projects including buildings construction Road construction, Bridge and culvert construction, retaining walls.

Vehicles Reserve

MF understand the importance of its client’s activities and operation. In this regard, it has six cars on reserve for 100-leased cars. The reserved cars will immediately replace before making any delay to our client operation.

Unique Workshop

MF has its unique mobile workshop for its car and every driver should report to its director at MF daily. This reporting and monitoring system is a core competency for MF against other competitors. MF has two all functional workshop in Kabul.

Want To Try Our Services

We are at your service, feel free in contacting us.

Mubashir Fateh

Copyright @2018 by GreenTech

Mubashir Fateh

Copyright @2018 by GreenTech

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